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Not just another web host.
Trusted since 1998.

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, we've nurtured and developed a world-class team of experts.

ION Hosting embodies a lifelong commitment to excellence. Founded in 1998 as a web hosting company, we began by offering shared and managed dedicated hosting services in a UNIX-based LAMP environment, serving clients across 56 countries.

Recognizing the pressing need for higher standards and transparent digital services, our founding team drew from their collective experiences, pinpointing a client-centric approach as the key to success. In contrast to many agencies driven solely by profit, we prioritize genuine client relationships and integrity in our business practices.

The digital transformation landscape is constantly evolving, lacking a static playbook. Staying ahead in this dynamic environment requires dedicated effort and adaptability—qualities we embody wholeheartedly. We thrive on navigating the ever-changing terrain of clicks and impressions, ensuring our clients’ success in the digital sphere.


Our Values

Many agencies shield their actions and independence with overarching retainers, aiming to evade scrutiny and hinder client evaluation. They operate covertly, concealing errors from view. We uphold the opposite ethos, prioritizing transparency by opening our doors wide and providing full visibility into our processes and work. One method we employ to achieve this transparency is by itemizing your invoice, detailing precisely how we allocate our time. This commitment fosters trust and ensures exceptional service in our client relationships.
Unlike other agencies advocating fixed 6 or 12-month contracts, ours are strictly month-to-month, designed for your benefit. Fixed contracts breed complacency; with no urgency or immediate impact required, agencies can operate without ongoing communication, knowing you're locked in. Our monthly contract model empowers you to terminate the partnership if the promised value isn't delivered. This prioritizes your business needs and encourages transparent communication to maintain performance levels required for retention.
In our approach to digital marketing, we adopt a comprehensive strategy aimed at ensuring your website achieves maximum success. This involves conducting thorough audits of your digital assets to identify any areas for improvement or optimization. We pay particular attention to aligning our strategies with Google's best practices, as Google's algorithms play a significant role in determining your website's visibility and ranking in search results. We work to streamline the client journey, making it as efficient and effective as possible.

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We strive for greatness, both for ourselves and our clients.